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Hey, I'm Adreeonah

I Help women, Just Like YOU, Eliminate The Limiting Beliefs That Are Keeping You From Being Your Best Self So You Can Live Authentic & Free.

My aim is to get you a place where you feel confident enough to stop living on the surface, start trusting your intuition, and stop settling for less by living below your inheritance.

biblically based therapist & certified enneagram coach, LPC, NCC

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1-1 telehealth therapy

My 1:1 therapy is designed for anyone who is ready to commit to the soul work it requires to go from faulty thought patterns & internal belief systems built on childhood trauma to emotional health and wholeness. 

6 wk group sessions

My group sessions/workshops are designed for those seeking community and connection. They are centered around one common, specific topic in a creative setting to encourage inspiration & growth.

1-1 enneagram coaching

My 1-1 enneagram coaching helps you pinpoint and gain clarity on exactly where you are in life right now and how to take the knowledge you learn through guided exploration & apply it to your future.

i need this!

i need this!

my free guide to help you find inner peace and mental clarity using journal prompts & affirmations.

5 Day Mindfulness Journey

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It's time to kiss Those limiting beliefs goodbye.

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